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The services

Creating a concept:

(ideological concept) is the philosophy of the future of the interior, the meaning and direction of space.

Technical documentation

  • Measuring plan;
  • specification of lighting fixtures;
  • The plan of dismantled partitions;
  • the floor plan;
  • The plan of erected partitions;
  • sweep;
  • The plan of ceilings
  • the sheet of furnish;
  • Furniture and equipment;
  • the plan for arranging furniture;
  • Layout of lamps and switches;
  • cuts;
  • Layout of sockets and electrical outlets;
  • nodes;
  • Additional plans if necessary;
  • constructions;

3D visualization (high photorealism, panorama, animation).

The 3D visualization service allows to:

  • clearly understand what the object will look like in the final;
  • save time properly on the selection of material;
  • gives an idea of the budget, materials, textures, light transmission, from global to details;
  • the ability to see the whole picture and make adjustments at the visualization stage, and not during construction.

    Completion of the project (bill of completion, specification of materials and interior items).

    Allows you to save time and budget of the client. Our company fills the interior with real objects or produces to order according to the design project. Removes the issue of choice and search.

    We complete the interior with author's objects, which underscores the uniqueness and significance of this object.

    If necessary, we help with the selection of materials abroad.

    Subject design

    "Green Studio" is engaged in the development and implementation of unique author's collections of interior items individually, for each room.

    Advantage of subject design:

    • emphasizes the uniqueness, the theme of the interior, the status of the institution;
    • allows to distinguish it among competitors, which is quite important in the HoReCa sphere;
    • fills the interior with meaning, attracts attention.

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