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Thematic decoration

Designing rooms for a given subject is a unique service that will recreate the entourage and atmosphere, emphasize the stylistics and purpose of the object, its individuality and character. Most relevant for public and commercial premises. Our designers-decorators will determine the subject of the room, clarify all the wishes of the client, and then embody the author's and exclusive elements of decor.


Phyto-design is an innovative approach of "Green Studio" to the development of a design project. At the stage of creating an interior decorators together with designers and florists create a future concept. This is a serious and complex work with plants, properly directed light, various attributes and filling (stones, branches, dried flowers, etc.).

Landscaping is not only an aesthetic but also a functional aspect of design: zoning, sound absorption, masking of communication elements, etc.

Decor made from a variety of materials

Our decorators work with various kinds of materials from floristics to art objects from wood, metal, stone and leather. For each style of the interior we develop our own decor concept.

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